Full Rimbaud translation

On an impulse I began translating Le bateau ivre, and of course once started I couldn’t leave it unfinished. Over the next few days, in a kind of Stockholm situation, I began thinking very well of a poet I had always disliked.

Below is my complete translation. Again, it’s done quite quickly and I see many errors, but there are things I like about it.

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Purse notebook 5/?/17

Purse notebook May something, 2017

Norton Simon Museum

Paul Klee, “A Walk Hand in Hand”, 1921 Four figures on rocking Marian crescent moon, hairy Hockney etching line, turning stiff as bells. Chicken-headed, mask-headed, from small fingerprint house of lines and squares. Center of yellow paper, simple and important as seal. Chicken head leans down stiff & musical as Matisse dance. Mask head bent knees out, like 60s idea tiki, Oceania. Eyes all on bead wire, curve. 

Starbursts from joining places body, groins & collarbones. The connective construction of body …Triadisches Ballet – connected not as separate shapes but as a single moving form … body like a puppet, a creature of effects, joints, linked mechanism.

Hölderlin Interpretations

Last night and this evening I’ve been writing interpretations of sections from Hölderlin, especially from Brod und Wein. I admire Hölderlin enormously.

These are interpretations rather than translations as I do not speak German; I depend on dictionaries and translators. As such, the following interpretations are unpublishable – but I thought you might like to see them.

I consulted this page of Susan Ranson translations for all 3 rewrites, and Robert Bly’s translation for piece 7. Bly is a real thorn in my side; though a good poet and doubtless very learned, the liberties he takes in translation seem inexcusable to me – and yet he’s the source through which so much nonEnglish poetry comes into English! “Archetypal world” … man alive. Return to your own stuff, son, if you want so badly to extend your dumb Campbellian pop psych to the people.

Anyhow, my rewrites are below the cut!

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Purse notebook 5/12/17

Breakfast at Ladurée, round the corner from the Frick

Purse notebook May 12th, ’17

The Frick Collection

“Mistress and Maid”, Vermeer, ’67

Vermeer’s jello glow. Interior ice. Lines removed. Like a digital photo trick. A bizarrely momentary scene. Uncanny capture. The gray triangle between cheek & brow, soft dart of eyelash.

The maid’s momentary could be a genre painter’s capture, except of course for extraordinary strategy, the white satin of the modeled face, but there is something in the lady’s eye triangle which seems impossible to capture.

“Girl Interrupted at Her Music”, Vermeer, ’59

Very strange to say but the laughing woman and soldier though aerated like porous rock in technique – Rembrandt – is doubtless V. The strategy could not be more different from mistress maid. It was the pose of the soldier, the amount of face he showed, which instantly responded to my doubt. The woman’s expression also – again that bizarre quality of being in progress, really unique as far as I can tell to him – but it was the soldier really. No one occludes so naturally. He is alone.

More, Holbein, 1527

French woman says “This one has a more mean face” compared to Cromwell.


Purse notebook 5/2/17

Purse notebook, May 2nd 2017

I open the window – chill within, hot & cottony without. The good smells of tree wood and cut wood; they are extending the chicken condos and somehow affecting the pool (“I don’t know what they’re doing,” asserts the kid). The chickens are fretting like coyotes – long laughs followed by smokers’ chuckles, hugely involved ornate borborigmo. The trees, mostly Live Oak, leaves hard and curved like olive trees’, click as they shake and sound like sequins.

The brown chicken met with misfortune this Sunday. Let out to wander while the men worked on the pool, the brown chicken “was spooked and lost her balance” or was simply overcome by fear, found still warm but dead, without feathers disturbed. Kid kind of wishes it was the black one, whom she likes least.

Purse notebook 12/28/16

Purse notebook December 28th, 2016

From the little window a hill, gray as a pig. A little tree, as distinct as a tooth in my mouth. As lined and distinct as a tooth. Later, I stand beside the road and long wood gate: I see and study a paddled cactus. Nibbed hide like ostrich skin.

The man has gone as far as he can in the out door shopping mall. My lungs stand out at the end of my cropped jacket, big white rocks. I study sights. A sage tree’s trunk strapped up with pine-green Christmas wires. The man comes back to this end again.

Purse notebook 4/5/17

Purse notebook April 5th, 2017

One of J’s student activities to do Haggadah skits. 2 boys’ skit they go to alien planet for afikomen, broken hidden piece of matzah, to unite matzah & “save the world!” She holds up her hands pinched, brings them together overhead KTCHSHHHH! like in anime found-the-fragments.

I think of lameness, safety of anime cliché of find-the-fragments; such a swot’s device – if there is a set number of things to find and the drone task is to fetch and combine them, then phew, all to do is put head down & obey teacher. When J described Qabalah principle of shattered world on other hand immediately it seemed correct to me.

My growing sense that everything was misdone long ago & the systems of the world, really our manner of being in the world, all our ways and concept of life are fundamentally wrong. Language misdone – basic elements omitted and paralyzing dogma insanely begun, made rule. Why system of only sound? Why words? Why experience language almost entirely as expression. Why expression in present – why not remembered expression?

All ideas of interrelation insane. Treatment of non-alive bodies insane. Consumption & exploitation of animals insane. Absolutely every manner of being in the world a terrible  othertimes improvisation. And now it’s gone on far too long & our buried memory-as-communication expresses itself only in this morbid samsara – doing the same thing Petey Ancestor did, come up with quickly.

But if so then is this way-of-doing-things the huge personality of a single or few single original personalities – is the world authored by them – hugely authored – when it could have been so otherwise – insipid to say this possibility is the source of sense of Personality, God, but maybe a type?

Anyhow I wonder can you see the find-the-fragments anime cliché as a hatchling hungry cry regarding this and could you sympathetically say it has some truth about it?